10 Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

10 best fall activities to do with your kids

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The weather is nice and there is so much to do!

This is my must do list every fall!

Here Are The Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

Apple picking

Take a drive to a nearby farm, take a tractor ride through an orchard.  Learn about bees and pollination and eat some wonderful, fresh apples.

Pumpkin picking

Pretty much the same experience. Except you carry much heavier objects!

Walk through the leaves

Most people like to take a drive and look at the changing leaves. I say, get out of the car and take a walk.  Let your child collect the different leaves, learn about why they change color.

Pick some acorns and discuss how the squirrels will store them for winter.  Discuss planning and hard work, admire God’s paint brush and enjoy the beauty around you.

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Corn bins

Great sensory sandboxes!

Petting farm

Go visit the goats and sheep!


Need I say more?

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Trick or treating

Let your imagination run wild and have your child become anything they want to be for one night! For an added learning experience let them, help make their costume!

Apple Painting

Cut an apple in half and dip it in paint! Toddlers love doing this!

Paint a Pumpkin or Carve a Pumpkin

What child doesn’t love this?

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Read Halloween books

I have to say these are my favorite season of books to read. They are creative, fun, and silly!  We start reading Halloween books in August because I love how my son’s imagination begins to work!

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