Want To Enjoy Motherhood?

If so, it comes down to making memories with your children. Download my list of 75 Fun Activities To Do With Your Children. Just click the pink button below.

As mothers, we need to enjoy our children. Give yourself permission to do that today!

Anna Domzalski, Becoming Mamma Founder

It’s a Wednesday in the middle of a heat wave and I am dancing around my family room while my son plays in his sink bathtub.

My daughter is strapped to my chest fast asleep and my home is filled with laughter.

This is the ideal day, the house is clean, my children are happy and dinner is cooking on the stove.

Tonight, we will go for a family walk, we will have spent our morning playing outside, and our afternoon hiding from the heat with an inside water play and dance off.

Many people would call it a once off, but not for us. This day has been a carefully planned and orchestrated.Like you, perhaps, I didn’t enter motherhood prepared for how hard it was. No one prepared me for the loneliness, the self doubt, the boredom, the all encompassing life change. There is no college class, no personality test, and no pregnancy course that tells you how motherhood will affect you.

Let me tell you something – motherhood will affect you.

But it won’t affect you like your friends, your mother, or your mother-in-law. The changes and the struggles … these will be uniquely yours and yours alone to wade through.

Tell me if this sounds like you …

You find yourself struggling through the day.

You wonder why it looks so easy and joyous to everyone else, but you find it hard.

You find yourself counting the hours til your husband comes home, or til nap time.

You feel guilty or think that you’re a wrong fit for motherhood.

If this is how you feel at all, you have come to the right place. Today is the day to take charge of your day and your life.

I have learned a simple truth to motherhood: busyness is not a sin. Some of us actually thrive in the busyness and craziness!

Stop sitting in your living room watching the same movie on repeat.

Today, you get up and start playing, start laughing, and start marveling about what amazing humans you have created.

Download my list of 75 Activities That You Can Inside or Outside With Your Children. This is my tried and true list.

No matter how tired I am, how burned out I am, how stressed, angry or annoyed, doing one of these items is a guaranteed way to get my family laughing and enjoying each other.

So, don’t wait, don’t think. Download the activities list, pick an item, and start enjoying motherhood!

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