Benefits From Raising Children In The Country

Many young families are first created in cities. This is where the millennial generation largely works, as major cities are often where some of the most popular and modern jobs are.

However, like their parents they themselves would rather raise their children in an environment that is less noisy and even dangerous. As the old adage expresses, ‘work in the city, live in the country’. It’s true for many people city life just becomes too tiring, busy and not very fulfilling. It’s common then for new and young parents to move out closer to the countryside and begin to raise their children in their new homes.

Will life change? Absolutely, it will.

But the benefits from raising children in the countryside just far outweigh the negatives. You yourself will get a new fresh perspective on life as well due to this drastic change.

Inherent privacy and individuality

Now more than ever, the culture we live in is saying that personality, character and mindset of the individual should be respected and understood. It’s very difficult to grow up in the modern day, and teenagers are more pressured than ever. So growing up in the countryside where there is peace and quiet might make you think that your children won’t face these pressures. Although this is true to some extent, two other things will become inherent in their character. They will learn to love their own privacy. Being away from many of the cultural movements in the city, your children will be more able to develop their own personality without being pushed into one direction or the other. Therefore, their individuality will be more defined and this might allow them to be more unique than children who grow up in densely populated environments.

Understanding the wildlife

One thing is for certain, when you grow up in the country you have a better appreciation for wildlife. If you are near or in the countryside, you will be familiar with the local wildlife. There are also ways you can purposefully look for homes that are situated near farms and also equestrian groups on websites like, where this is offered as part of the location and community. There are recreational activities that involve animals and animal welfare that these homes can offer, which in turn would be great for developing your children to care for creatures. Farming will also be better understood which allows children to appreciate how food is grown and harvested. The general down to earth mentality of the countryside will gradually be absorbed by young growing minds.

Hardship and personal growth

Being out in the wind and rain when you’re young is good in many ways. Yes it can feel rough at times but as children grow up they get used to and even enjoy hiking in the countryside. Children growing up in a tough but not harsh environment will develop thicker skin and take challenges in their stride. This is very useful for professional and personal life challenges.

It’s little wonder that many parents choose to leave major cities are raise their children nearer to the countryside. Their children will be more down to earth, feel less pressured by their generation’s culture and appreciate wildlife more.

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