What Motherhood Taught Me About God

I met God in motherhood.

While I have always believed in God. I never understood God’s depth of Love until I became a mother.  As I have grown as a mother, I have learned a lot about who God is.

Here’s what I’ve learned about God and motherhood.

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God is Love

The Bible talks at length about love.  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only son.”

Before I became a mother, those were nice words.  Motherhood, showed me what love really is and what “giving His only son” meant.

In motherhood, we sacrifice ourselves for the love of our child.

Love is getting up in the middle of the night, no matter how tired you are.  Love, is holding a baby for hours on end because they are fussy.  Love is eating your dinner last so you made sure everyone else was taken care of.  Love, is giving up what you wanted for your child.  Love is hard work.  Never ending hard work.

Love, though, is beautiful.  Loving our children is our daily prayer.  It is our midnight walks with God.

God is Forgiveness 

Driving home today, my son, threw his water cup at the back of my head, which burst open and flooded me.

Forgiveness. I use to take God’s forgiveness as a guarantee.

After having a child, I realize that forgiveness comes through love and pain.  When my son needs my forgiveness, it is because he caused pain.  Forgiving him is choosing to love him more than the pain caused.  Sometimes that is easy and sometimes, that can be hard and as they get older it gets harder.

Today, I realize that forgiveness is an action that is caused by a hurtful action done to us.  Because of unconditional love, my forgiveness is unconditional.  It is awe inspiring to realize the level of love God has for us.

God is Patient

How often do we teach our children the same lesson over and over again?

How often do we discipline and repeat?

The patience that is bore out this simple act, teaches us how much patience God has for us.  The fact is, you can’t raise children without patience and God can’t be in relationship with us without exhibiting huge amounts of patience.

God is Slow to Anger

How often have we lost our temper to see the pain we cause our children?

Realizing that God, never ever looses his temper on me.  That he continues to work on my stubborn heart, year after year.  I kneel before him – humbled.

God is Kind 

I love doing something special for my son and daughter.  I love how they light up with joy over the simple things in their day.

Today, my son was in a bad mood, and I took joy and helping him shed the grumpiness and replacing it with joy.  In order for this to happen though it took extra kindness from me.

How often does God, send us an angel when we need it most?

How often does he send us a gift when we don’t deserve it?

Conclusion: God and Motherhood

What does this all boil down too?


Love is the essence of all of these acts.

And children teach us love every time they smile at us, hug us,giggle and play with us.  But also when they spill their water, throw a temper tantrum, test our patience and break our hearts.

Next time, you think you are going to explode in anger, loose your mind or want to give up, remember

God is using our children to show us how great and how deep his love is for us. 

Pause and soak in that Love and start over with you child.

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