October 19, 2018

The Golden Hour Reality

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The Golden Hour Reality

The Golden Hour is widely popular and known now.

But, as a new mom, you may be wondering what it is and what it is not.

Your midwife or doctor will tell you how beautiful it is.  The books will tell you how important it is.

I am going to tell you the truth. 

What is the Golden Hour after birth?

First off, if you have no idea never heard of the Golden Hour, very simply put it describes the first hour after your baby is born.

While you are exhausted and a mess, and your baby is covered in vernix and messy, they lay him on your chest skin to skin.

Your baby will nurse, nibble, and cling to you.

For your baby, this is a very important moment.

For 9 months, the baby has lived inside of you, he knows your voice, hears your heartbeat and is warm.

In this first hour of life, you are all he knows in this brightly lit, cold environment.

Taking time to talk, sing, whisper to your baby while he nurses, will provide great comfort.

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The Golden Hour is not about you

Now for you onto reality, the Golden Hour is not this beautiful awe inspiring moment.

This hour is hard.

You are exhausted.  Exhausted.

You just gave birth.

On top of that, you probably were up all night, possibly for multiple days.

You experienced incredible pain.  You may be heavily drugged from the waist down, so you feel weird and funny.

And you just went through the most difficult and awe inspiring moment of your life.

Imagine running a marathon, getting to the end of 26.2 miles and they say to you, “great, the race is ready to begin now.”

Welcome to motherhood:

With your legs spread and still delivering the placenta.  Getting stitched up and ten people working on your bottom half.

And, of course, the top half of your body will now be learning to nurse.

Nurses, will be man handling your boob, and trying to stuff it into your baby’s mouth.  Telling you to sit up more, tilt your arm this way, put his head that way, angle your nipple, squeeze here.

It is overwhelming.

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This Is Motherhood

This is your first taste of motherhood.

While it is amazing to meet your baby for the first time, it will not look the way they make it look in the movies.  It will not feel the way the books tell you it will feel.

But, if I am completely honest with you, that is motherhood.

It doesn’t look like Instagram with everyone smiling and laughing.  No, it isn’t everyone hair styled Facebook post. It doesn’t read like a blog post with perfect snap shot moments and quick fixes to big problems.

And motherhood is definitely, not about you, not even a little bit.

So in this first hour, when you get introduced to your baby, when you just completed the hardest, most trying experience of your life.  No one is going to care about you.

From that moment on, all eyes are on that special baby that you just gave birth too as they should be.

When it is all over with, it is okay to shed a tear.

Your baby will be sleeping in the bassinet.  Your husband passed out on the couch.  You will be laying there feeling the worst contractions of your life, have a headache, and feeling sweaty, sticky and bloody,

In 10 minutes, you will gather your strength and nurse your baby again for the 10th time in the second hour of life.

You will gaze in wonder at your miracle, you will breath out love and soak in joy, in the midst of unbelievable exhaustion.

The Golden Hour is over and motherhood has begun.

Ask for Tylenol, it really does help.

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