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Grocery Shopping Tips For Moms On A Budget

How much do you spend on your weekly grocery shop? Chances are, especially if you have young mouths to feed, you probably spend more than you like. Supermarket prices are rising all of the time, so we understand if you are feeling the pinch in your pocket.

However, as we detailed here, https://becomingmamma.com/10-best-ways-to-save-money, you don’t have to live expensively. If you’re on a budget, consider these handy (and frugal) grocery shopping tips.

6 Grocery Shopping Tips For Moms On A Budget

  • Shop on a full stomach. By shopping after eating, you are less likely to pile your shopping basket with items you don’t really need. In theory, you will only buy the foods and drinks you regularly buy, without those extra snacks, junk items, and anything else liable to tempt your hungry belly.
  • Plan your meals in advance. Like many people, you probably buy more food than you are actually able to consume, including those perishable food items that quickly run out of date. This is where a meal planner comes in handy. Using the template provided by http://pinchofnom.com/meal-planner/, you can create a list of the foods you actually need in the week, minimizing the risk of you buying anything surplus to requirements.
  • Download an app. There are all kinds of apps that will help you to make savings with your shopping, such as Grocery Pal and Grocery iQ, both of which will help you compare prices across the supermarkets in your locale. We also recommend Shopkick, which will reward you with gift vouchers for purchasing items at partner stores; you can read reviews here, https://budgetboost.co/shopkick-app-review/, and AnyList, which gives you the means to plan your shopping list in line with your weekly meal planner.
  • Order online. Why go to the supermarket at all when you can order what you want online? Many supermarkets offer home delivery through their websites, and Amazon now has a Pantry option for Prime users which regularly offers savings. By adding items into your virtual shopping basket, you can then remove anything that is going to send you over your budget. It’s less embarrassing than doing the same thing at your local supermarket checkout anyway!
  • Save money in store. If it’s cost-effective to bulk buy, such as those 3 for the price of 4 products that are often available, then do so. If you see any unbranded (and cheaper) alternatives to what you normally buy, add them to your basket, as they may still be as tasty as the usual products you buy. And head to the supermarket at the end of the day, as many perishable products, such as bakery goods, are sold off cheaply to quickly clear stock.
  • Learn the word ‘no.’ When shopping, willpower is everything. For starters, you need to say ‘no’ to yourself, especially when tempted to buy anything that isn’t part of your meal planner. Secondly, you need to say ‘no’ to your kids, especially if they are prone to those insufferable words, ‘I want!’ On that last point, you might want to teach your children the value of money; https://www.parents.com/teaching-kids-value-of-money/, so they don’t drive you insane (and bankrupt) you in the supermarket.

So, those were our tips, but what about you? Do you have any grocery shopping tips for any other moms reading this article? Let us know, for the sake of any of us looking to make savings on our weekly shop.

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