8 Lies We’re Told About Going From 1 to 2 Kids And 1 Truth

I remember when we were trying decide when or if we should have a second child.

There was a lot of advice shared some true and a lot not true.  Here’s a list of some of wisdom we received about having 2 kids.

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8 Lies About Having 2 Kids

Having 2 kids isn’t really that much more expensive 

Ummm…diapers? Wipes? doc visits?  Insurance? That’s just the beginning of the list.  As they get older most things double.  Tuitions, trips, activities, the list goes on.

Baby number 2 is not free.  Even if it happens to be the same gender and you cloth diaper and breastfeed.  That kid still will affect your budget.

There is no wrong time

Yes, yes, there is.  When you aren’t emotionally ready, when money is tight, when you are having a hard time handling one…there is a wrong time to plan on adding, just like there are good times to plan.  This isn’t to stay that God doesn’t send us surprises that we didn’t see coming, He does, and we figure it out. But…if you have the opportunity to plan…PLAN!

Your kids will love each other

No, not always.  Don’t believe me?  Google it.

Your kids will hate each other

See number 3.

Your child has to have a sibling

No, being an only child is great.  And for some families it is the perfect family.  Don’t feel pressured and don’t let someone make you think you did it wrong.  A family with one child is just as complete as a family of 6 kids.

It’s super hard

For me, it was hard.  It wasn’t impossible, but it was hard.  I know other moms, that didn’t struggle at all.  The fact of the matter is, you don’t know until your in it.  But you will survive it and it will turn out okay.

Your second kid will be totally different from your first

No, just no.  Sometimes, it is extremely similar.  Sometimes, you just produce children who don’t sleep.  Sorry.

You will know when you’re done 

Sometimes you think your done, sometimes, you feel like you should be done but that surprise comes and you realize you weren’t done.  Keep your heart open.

1 Truth About Having 2 Kids

Your heart will grow and every baby is worth it

This and only this was the only honest and real piece of advice I received.  I can’t explain it.  I wish I could, but the fact of the matter, is some how, your heart will grow and grow and won’t burst.  Somehow, no matter how fully your heart is, each baby fills an empty area you didn’t know you had.  Babies are love, pure and innocent love.  and you will never regret filling your life with more love.

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