How to find purpose in motherhood

what do you live for

As stay-at-home moms, we often struggle to find our identity and our purposes.

For the working mom they have their career. The working mom gets validation in the form of a pay check, a raise, a promotion and a thank you.

But for the stay at home mom, we have a house, children and a husband. None of this work comes with a paycheck, or a promotion.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in taking care of everyone and everything and forget that we have our own identity, our own purpose within ourselves. So my question to the stay home mom is what do you live for?

The salvation of my children

For me over the last two years the obvious answer has been my children.  I have made childhood and their experiences my gauge of success.  Their very happiness at the end of the day, is my job review. Yet, it is impossible to measure my success as a mother in children so young.  You can’t decide a child’s future life based on what age they potty trained or how quickly they walked or said their first words.  They have way to much life to live, to many experiences to incur. So as a stay at home mom, we live with our lives consumed by growing these little people, yet our completion date, our so called promotion is 18 years away.  That is a long time.

Yet, I have come to the realization that I have been doing it wrong.   Yes, childhood is important.  Yes, swimming, music, gymnastics, horses, berry picking, making memories is so important but that isn’t my purpose as a mother.  My purpose as a mother is so much bigger and greater.  God, didn’t create motherhood to be as empty as driving from activity to activity.  God created motherhood so that we can bring our children to HIM.  Very simply put, my purpose is to live a life that brings my children to salvation.  Within that is wrapped a lot of big stuff.  How I educate them, how I interact with them, how I interact with the world, how I prioritize God in my life and theirs, and even bigger than that, how I love.  My children’s first glimpse of love is through me.  I am the jumping off point for how they will find love in a spouse and ultimately how they will believe God loves them.  Is it unconditional, steadfast, forgiving.  Or is it about me, getting my time, my space, fulfilling my goals and commitments before them.

If I do nothing else in my life, it is my prayer that both of my children walk the streets paved in gold and live in their own mansion within the kingdom of God.

I hope from their earliest memories of me, it will be of me praying to God in both good times and bad. I hope that in the very fabric of my life they will see God interwoven into every decision and thought and conversation.

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What Do You Live For As A Mother - Mother Of God

Walking with God

It is my prayer, that in the end, they will be able to say my mother walked with God and we know no other way.

So, what are you living for today? When you answer that question, ask yourself, is this what I want my children to also live for?

If it’s not, it is time to reflect on your priorities.

Here’s how truly Christian mothers give their lives meaning.

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