How To Handle Extended Family During The Holidays

How To Handle Extended Family During The Holidays

In every marriage there is at least one fight over who gets what holiday and what it looks like.

For the first few years of our marriage, we tried to do a meal at each home, but found the day exhausting. We knew things would have to change when we had kids.

How To Handle Extended Family During The Holidays Once You Have Kids

Once babies came, we decided we didn’t want to put our kids through the different meals, the crazy travel and the exhausting running.

So we made a rule. The actual holiday is in our home with our kids. If anyone wants to join, they are welcome. The day before, the day after, the surrounding weekends are fair game.

But we want our children to have holiday memories in their own home. Presents under their tree, waking up Christmas morning and running down their staircase. Thanksgiving dinner at their own table, with their special plate and cups.

Not everyone will be able to make it. That’s fine.

For us, we acknowledge that not everyone would be able to join us or even want too. That’s okay.

On Christmas this year, we actually had a very quiet ‘just us’ family holiday and it was perfect. Our son was able to take two hours opening his gifts, my house was able to be trashed, we didn’t have to shower, put on fancy clothes, cook or clean all day.

We see the holidays as a chance to make memories with our little ones.

We just played games and toys, danced and ate easy pre-made foods. No stress, no fuss. The day before we had a large Christmas eve dinner with all the trimmings, the church service and the family visits. So we felt like we had the best of both worlds.

I realize not everyone has the option to make this choice, but for those of you that can, slow down and just enjoy the holiday without the craziness that usually ensures.

how to handle your in-laws over the holidays

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