How To Understand & Appreciate The Different Styles Of Motherhood

How To Understand & Appreciate The Different Styles Of Motherhood

There are many different kinds of moms.

There are the working moms and the stay at home moms course.  But within that there is the attachment parenting mom, the boy mom, the girl mom, the co-sleeping mom, the formula fed mom, the breast-feeding mom,  the exercise mom, the activities mom and the list could keep on going.

This is a great thing, because through this we realize there isn’t one size fit all or that there isn’t one example of what the ‘perfect’ mom is.

Yet, often what I see happening in motherhood is the comparing of mothering styles.  Everyone seems to think there is one way to be the perfect mom.

There’s no one perfect style of motherhood

The fact of the matter though,  this is the worst thing we could do.   Each of us were built for motherhood, each of us were designed to be mothers, but as none of us have the exact same personality,  none of us will ever be exact same kind of mother.

By trying to be like a certain type of mother, by promoting one type of parenting, causes immense harm to yourself and your children.  When you spend your time and energy trying to be like the other moms and not just being you, you lose the joy of motherhood.

I have seen mom’s try to put their kids on schedules when they are “go with the flow” people.  It becomes a disaster.  I have seen mothers try to become the activity mom because they think their kids are missing out but all their activities become stress and the entire family is miserable!

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You must embrace your mothering style

The truth is, what kind of mom you are is not the issue.   The issue, I see mothers face is not embracing the mother that they are.   None of us are perfect, none of us have this down,  but all of us are uniquely made to be a fantastic mother.  We just need to embrace what we are.  If you’re into attachment parenting or if you’re anti co-sleeping, that’s ok.  Your baby will be just fine.

Keep going and stop worrying

Today, do yourself a favor, think about the moments you were happiest as a mother. and go repeat those moments.  Don’t worry about what other moms are doing, don’t worry about what you might not be providing.

I have never met an adult who was deeply loved, with a happy mother, that didn’t think he/she was a lucky kid.  But I have met lots of adults who had unhappy parents and still carry their baggage around with them.

Embrace you, so you can embrace your family. 


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