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Planning Pregnancy From a Financial Perspective

In an ideal world, we’d all spend the years leading up to pregnancy getting ourselves in perfect physical condition, moving to the ideal family location and saving up lots of money. However, life isn’t always that simple. Lots of babies are a wonderful surprise and come along when we least expect them, or sometimes, despite our planning things work out differently to the way that we thought. This is absolutely fine, and as long as the love is there we can make it work! But the financial side of things is something that can stress just about every expectant parent out as it means a huge change. If you’ve recently found out you’re going to have a baby, here are some of the ways you can plan your money. 

Plan your purchases

When you’re expecting a baby, there are lots of items you need to buy and bring into the home, and there’s no denying that it’s an expensive time. Thankfully, with nine months of pregnancy you’re able to spread these costs and have everything ready for your little one without breaking the bank. It’s a good idea to write an extensive list (with categories) of everything you need and plan on buying, there are lots of sites with information on what should be included online if you don’t know where to start. Then you can buy a few items each week, and tick things off your list. This is useful when you’re buying items over a number of months as you can forget what you’ve already got and end up with repeats. Before buying anything, check sites like gopromocodes.com for deals and discounts to help keep costs down. 

Accept help from loved ones

Family and friends are bound to be thrilled when you break your pregnancy news, and the first thing many people will say to you is ‘can I buy something for the baby?’ Don’t be too proud to accept these wonderful gifts as they can really help you out financially. Have them take a look at the list you’ve created and they can choose something off it that you don’t already have. With a full list there will be items for all budget sizes too and they can pick something that suits what they want to spend. If a loved one is throwing a baby shower for you, make sure they have access to the list so guests can see what you already have before making a purchase. Baby clothes for example are something you can end up with tonnes of, as their cute little outfits are so tempting to buy. But they won’t be in newborn size for long, so you don’t want to end up with hundreds of things in this size!  It might just be a case of people buying the next size up in things so you have clothes ready for when they reach that next size. 

Claim what you’re entitled to

Depending on where you live and your financial situation, you may be entitled to financial help when you have a baby. From maternity pay to grants and other schemes, speak to your midwife or do your research to see what’s available to you. These things can make a huge difference at the start of your motherhood journey. 

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