Pregnancy Energy Boosters For Tired Mammas

We should all be grateful when we hear the words “congratulations; you’re pregnant.” There is no better feeling in the world, but we still feel the weight of the world on our stomachs. The truth is that pregnancy is tiring and it’s as if we can’t be bothered getting out of bed at times. Of course, we do for the sake of the little ones and our sanity, but a lack of energy isn’t forthcoming even if it is inevitable.

So, I thought I’d share some of my pregnancy energy boosters for the mamas-to-be who need an adrenaline hit.

Snack Properly

I know you feel as if you can eat a horse right now but eating anything and everything in sight isn’t the right move. The key is to snack on stuff that is full of energy so that it provides a hike later in the day. Like a lot of moms, I found nuts to be very useful because they’re packed with energy; and, they’re easier to carry around in a handbag! Other fantastic pregnancy snacks include mangoes, spinach and sweet potatoes as they help to negate anemia and increase falling iron levels.

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Take Chiropractic Classes

The extra strain put on the body is a major reason for the decrease in energy. Most of us get sick and tired of aches and pains and feel fatigued, mentally and physically. You have probably thought “when is this going to end?” at least once! A pregnancy chiropractor is a good option because they reduce the pressure put on your back by the baby. As a result, niggles that can be problematic are no longer there and don’t impact movement. Plus, there is the lifting of the weight from your mind. I think we can all agree the pain is tiresome and being pregnant would be easier without it.

Stay Hydrated

We understand the theory behind staying hydrated: the water keeps the muscles fit and healthy. The problem is there are hurdles. For one thing, the baby plays with your bladder like it’s a toy. Also, there is too much going on to run back and forth to the faucet. Oh, and don’t forget it’s boring to drink water constantly. There is a solution – 8 oz, refillable bottles. Fill it with flavored water and you can drink from it all day without any hassle and stay refreshed.

Get Ahead

The American Pregnancy Association says moms should expect a natural boost in energy levels in the second trimester. If you are lucky enough for this to happen, you should take advantage. I know lots of women who used their lack of tiredness to get ahead and tick essential tasks off their to-do list. For example, they painted and decorated the nursery. By doing this, there will be less to do further down the line and you won’t have to exert yourself too much, conserving energy.

I hope these boosters help you to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy!

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