Why You Need To Raise Independent Children

raise independent children

When I was a little girl, I had a very good friend who was a little boy that was always getting into trouble. He had a saying that he taught me that changed my life.

It was ‘row your own boat.’

So when all the kids were doing the exact same thing, playing the exact same games, going to the exact same movies, having the exact same experiences, this friend of mine was rowing his own boat, making his own path, making his own decisions.

He was never the kid in the middle of the group but always a kid on the outside.

How To Raise Kids Who Are Independent

In society, we tend to think of that kid on the outside as a loaner. We think he’s depressed and sad and sometimes this is the case.

But sometimes that kid is just the creating his own path. He is the leader not a follower. He’s not the sheep, but he’s the wolf.

It’s OK for your child to behave independently of other children

Why You Need To Raise Independent Children

My son is a lone wolf at times.

He can go to a playground with 1 million kids and he can create his own world, play his own games. He can be completely oblivious to the world around him.

As a mom of a wolf, I used to sit on the bench and worry about whether he feels left out or sad. But then he would look up at me and grin and come running over to tell me about this world that he created.

It would be filled with monsters and giants and bears and monkeys. It was during one of these park visits that I realized I was raising a leader, who is going to row his own boat.

He will not look like all the other kids, he would not play all the same games, but he’s going to do his own thing.

This is why you shouldn’t treat your kids equally.

It’s also OK to embrace, support, and grow your child’s independence

For this I’m proud, as a wolf myself, I know what great things lie ahead of him. This is actually one of the very reasons my husband and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to homeschool our children.

There are many great reasons to homeschool, but the prevailing reason for us was not religion or politics as is usually the case but it was because we wanted to raise an entrepreneur.

Somebody was going to go out and start his own business, be his own boss, do whatever it takes to create his happy.

Here’s what it’s like going from one child to two!


So I think back to my childhood friend and I have no idea where he ended up in life.

I have no idea if he’s happy but I know he gave me a gift and teaching me at a very young age to row my own boat and this is a lesson but I hope to teach my children and I hope they passes it down to their children.


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