What Mom Really Wants For Christmas

What mom really wants for Christmas

All the chocolate.

Yes, I said it.

Moms want all the chocolate in a large bubble bath without gaining an ounce of weight.

Okay I am kidding (a little bit).

Seriously, though, chances are you are here because you love your mom/wife and want to give her something special.

Let me begin by telling you I am not going to suggest the Apple Watch or a Kindle Fire.

I am going to be completely honest and not sell you a darn thing.

Here are 5 things Mom really wants for Christmas.

Moms want a happy family

Check the attitude at the door.

Don’t show up complaining about what activities are planned, how much work something is going to be, how tired you are, how annoying something is.

Be in the moment and enjoy the moment.

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Relaxing with her family

Believe it or not, Mom loves you and wants to spend time with her husband and kids.

She wants to enjoy you.

See number 1.

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Memory-making activities

Make cookies together, decorate the tree, go to a play.

Have dinner without phones.

Sit down and talk with a roaring fire instead of kindle.  Don’t be scared to let loose and laugh.

In ten years, that’s what you and she will remember.

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Thank yous 

Let’s face some facts:

Moms are the reasons we have traditions.

They create them, the continue them, and they pass them down.

These traditions are what knit the family together, give you a history and help hold us together when life gets hard.

When mom makes the same dinner this year, hangs ornaments up from 100 years ago, begs you to put up the blow up Santa in the front yard.

Say thank you.

Thank you for giving you stability in our ever changing world.

For giving you memories that are burned in your heart and for caring about what makes you and your history special.

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I love yous

You know, I remember the first time my son said I love you.

It is burned into my soul as the single greatest moment of my life.

Each time he says it, my heart lights up.

Each I love you, is more meaningful than the last.

Take a moment and let her know you love her and appreciate her.

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What Moms really want for Christmas is to to be with you and know you care

So as you can see, I didn’t include stuff for you to buy.

The thing is, moms don’t need you to buy them stuff, except chocolate, moms want to feel appreciated, loved and acknowledged.

So take a moment and think of all the reasons you love the mom in your life and then go and tell her.

One last note, for all the moms that did end up reading this.

I have one Christmas burned in my mind from my childhood.

I remember the house was decorated from top to bottom, I remember Christmas music and making gingerbread houses.  I remember because my mom did all the work that created the environment for a memory to be made.

Year after year, generation after generation, women are the ones that carry on the traditions.

We are the stitches that holds the family quilt together. 

Do yourself and your family a favor this year and bring the magic of Christmas into your home.

Not with presents but with memories.

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