What Moms Need To Know About Self Care

What Moms Need To Know About Self Care

Is it a problem when the nicest things said to you come from strangers?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets beat up by family and ignored by friends. As a mom, sometimes we are the last to be thought of.

Moms do it all

As moms we do it all, we keep the house, do the grocery shopping, buy the clothes, plan the days, plan the meals, plan the activities, plan the trips. So when something goes wrong, we are the ones who get the finger pointed at us.

It’s our fault of the day didn’t turn out well. It’s our fault that the baby cries. It’s our fault the dinner sucked, it’s our fault that there’s no milk in the house, it’s our fault that something didn’t meet expectations.

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For us Mammas, it’s a constant battle

I think this is one of the biggest battles that we face. We battle our own expectations for ourselves and then we battle every one else around us. Especially in our families, expectations for how our life looks, raising kids, and our family is supposed to look. It’s a lot of pressure for one person to carry on their shoulders.

For me, sometimes I can go weeks without hearing anything positive spoken in my life, and when out of the blue, somebody says something kind it catches me off guard. In fact, the last two times it’s brought tears to my eyes.

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Self care is a necessity (especially for Moms)

In mom groups, we talk about self-care a lot. We teach new moms to take time for yourself, do a bath, do a girls night, do a work out but I think one of the most important self-care items that can be done to us actually comes from the people that surround us.

We need goodness, love, encouragement and support spoken into our lives. Instead of hearing how we screwed up or how things didn’t work out the way everyone thought they should. As women we need to stop and turn to another mom and say “hey you’re doing a great job.”

The more we speak goodness in the lives of those around us the happier the moms around this will be. It’s my hope that they turned and start speaking goodness back into your life and see all the great thing that you are doing. It is the little tiny side comments that don’t take a lot of effort but make all the difference.

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We all know when that mom is doing something great, but a lot of times we choose not to say anything. In the future, let’s take a moment and start encouraging the moms around us so that the next time somebody says something good to you you don’t react like me.

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