When Is Your Child Ready for a Long Haul Trip?

If you have been itching to get away for a while, and would like to create memories, reconnect with your partner, and book a long haul vacation, without having to leave your child behind, you might be thinking whether or not they are ready for the adventure. There are no rules when it comes to when kids are ready to go on a long haul car ride, as every child is different. Below you will find a few general tips to help you make an informed decision.

Are They Potty Trained?

Generally speaking, it is always better to wait until your child is ready to use the toilet before you go on a long haul trip. Chances are that you will not find baby changing facilities anywhere, but they might find the new toilet exciting. If you are unsure, or would like or would like to stay safe, you can always pack overnight diapers to avoid accidents in the new place. No matter if you are staying in an apartment or family hotel room, it will be brand new for your little one.  

Are They Used to New Faces?

You will also have to make a decision based on how used your child is to new faces and strangers. If you have been staying home and they usually get nervous around visitors, taking them to a crowded place might not be the right idea. You can, however, still book a log cabin and spend some quality time together, visiting the nearby woods and marshes.

How Sensitive Is Their Tummy?

One of the main issues young parents face when trying to arrange a car journey with their little one is car sickness. There is not much you can do about this, and kids usually grow out of this. Make sure that you have a change of clothes and you set the car seat up in a way that it is both safe and comfortable for your little one. Keep an eye on them, and let fresh air in, avoid overheating the car.

Can You Keep Them Entertained?

You will also have to take care of entertaining your child in the car. If they are not yet ready to tell you what is wrong, you will only guess. They might feel a discomfort or be worried about the journey, so it is your job to take their mind off what makes them nervous. You should pack their favorite toys and play the music they like, so they can fall asleep and rest before you arrive at your destination.

Can You Provide Them with a Homelike Environment?

The ultimate question is whether or not you can provide your child the same comfort and sense of safety they are used to at home. For example, if they only fall asleep in the dark, don’t expect them to do it in the car with the sun shining through the side windows. Get a car shade and get the temperature right.

Keeping little kids happy and safe on long haul journeys is a challenge. Make sure they are ready for the adventure.

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