Why A Cat Is A Great Family Pet

Many families when they have children consider a pet to join the family. It can be a great experience for everyone involved, and can be a lovely way to help children learn about empathy, companionship and responsibility for other things. Sometimes a dog is an obvious choice, but often that doesn’t suit a busy household. Especially when they have their own needs like needing to be walked a lot, etc. So a cat can be a great alternative. It might be that you recommend one, or you get a kitten, but either way there are things to consider.

What does the cat need?

One of the first things to consider once you have decided to get yourself a pet cat is to think about the things that they might need. If it is a kitten, you will need to ensure that you do what you can to encourage them to learn about the litter tray and eventually going outside. Aside from that they may need cat toys to keep them occupied, this is when websites like Wine Whiskers could become useful. As well as perhaps a cat bed, a scratching post to avoid them messing with your curtains or sofas, and bowls to eat and drink out of.

Litter tray and letting the cat outside

Depending on where you live you may be thinking about letting your cat outside, and doing it that way, rather than using a litter tray. They can be quite concerning when your have small children around. However, the choice is yours and will depend on whether or not you are going to have an indoor house cat that stays in most of the time, or whether or not you will allow your cat to roam and enjoy the outside space. If you do have a busy lifestyle, letting your cat out can help you to feel more at ease with them.

Delegating responsibility to others in the family

Pets are a great way to help children and other family members learn about responsibility. So it might be a good idea for you to delegate certain jobs so that your children can feel accountable. It may be simple things like topping up the water, giving your cat a brush, or playing with them from time to time, but it can enable them to think about something else aside from themselves. It can also help them to be comfortable and at ease with animals, learning empathy and being considerate of other people and things.

Enjoying the companionship that a cat can give you

Finally, having a cat can be great for you as a mom. Sometimes when children are at school, napping or at nursery you can feel a little alone and isolated. While you may have things you want or need to do, having a cat around is like an extra member of the family to be around and even talk to. It isn’t crazy to talk to your pets and so many people do it. It may end up being a lovely addition to the family.

Let’s hope this has given you a better idea of why you should get a family cat and the things you might need to think about.

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