Why I Celebrate Halloween As A Christian


why I celebrate Halloween as a Christian

Every year right around August, there is a group of very vocal Christians that begin to lecture the rest of us Christians about Halloween and how its an evil holiday.

I won’t lie, there are people who do and support bad things with Halloween. I will also admit there is a history to Halloween, not to mention ghosts, goblins, devils and witches.

So no, it is not a Christian holiday. No one ever said it was. That being said, I do have a very specific reason for allowing my kids to participate.

I want my kids to have a childhood — and Halloween is a fun part of that

Participating in Halloween in the fun parts and discussing how we abstain from the evil parts allows my children to experience childhood without feeling separate from their peers. They won’t grow up feeling like they missed out. There is no resentment or bitterness. They don’t hate being Christian and different.

As they grow older, they then get to make choices that correspond with their faith. It is then, when they have a full understanding of what they are choosing as their faith, that they can become empowered to choose to participate or not.

If I choose for them, then they grow up thinking they missed out on something. That Christianity is a strict austere religion that was full of no’s and rules. By allowing them to choose at an age of reasoning, they form their own opinions and decisions.

Here’s why it’s important to stand firm in your own choices as a mother.

We don’t participate in everything that is Halloween

Now this is not to say there aren’t rules.

There will never be Ouija boards or devil costumes in my house. But will we read funny stories about ghosts? Sure. Will we carve pumpkins? Absolutely.

I think as Christians we are part of this world and at the same time separate. We can be part of the innocent, fun, candy-filled night while separating ourselves in costume choices and games.

We can choose to talk about how their are really good ghosts, they are called Saints and Angels. We can discuss how Satan has his army too. So there are devils, demons and fallen angels.

These are not things to aspire to. They are very real and very dangerous. So, a healthy fear and dislike is okay.

Check out why it’s OK to let your kids be kids.

Don’t feel guilty participating in Halloween as a Christian

So for the Mammas that are like me, don’t feel guilty this Halloween season for letting your children experience the fullness of childhood.

And for the moms that choose not to participate. That’s okay too.

Stand firm in your faith and convictions.

Have you ever felt like a failure and judged as a mother?


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